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Gold Coast Wreckers. Dismantlers of all makes of cars, utes, trucks, and 4WD vehicles. Thousands of auto parts carefully checked and sold with warranty.

Due to today's economic climate, many people are holding onto their motor vehicle much longer than they normally would have in the past. Motor vehicle auto parts industry is a booming business on the Gold Coast.

In most cases, a car that has been severely damaged, appraised, decommissioned and deemed beyond repair, more often than not winds up in a wreckers. Once dismantled, the panels, the engine and other parts from vehicles are taken off, and marked for sale. Instead of a car just ending up in a scrapheap, it is bought back to life in second hand spare parts. Almost all wreckers will junk a car and put aside the most sought after spare parts, body panels and mechanical parts. A dismantler usually supplies a large assortment of quality second hand and some new vehicle parts.

Local yards are the place to pick-up a body panel or car parts for your car and can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars over buying brand-new parts from car manufactures. Some of these used parts are salvaged from vehicles left abandoned and seized by local councils. Usually they are delivered by a towing service and sold at an auction or directly to a salvage yard. No matter whether you are looking for parts for a holden or a toyota or even a luxury car like a mercedes or a performance sports car such as an alfa romeo you will find parts at a wrecker.

☎ Auto Parts Recyclers

The best dismantlers store second hand items such as alternators, car bonnets, blinkers, engine parts, bar lamps, headlight covers and protectors, floor carpets, body control modules, front and rear corner lamps, all types of car switches, engine onboard computers, grilles and guards, headlight lamps, ignition lock assemblies, adjustable steering columns, taillights of every size and colour, starter motors, engine automatic transmissions, tow bars, and even complete engines. At wreckers Gold Coast most second hand engines and auto transmissions are sold with three to six months of warranty.

Transmission & Gearbox Replacements

These are the type of services autorecyclers offer or at least will recommend another reputable business to do the work. On site automatic transmission services, alternator & starter replacements, brake and clutch assembly, motor, transmission and gearbox replacements, alloy and steel wheel replacements, repairs and vehicle tune-ups, car servicing which includes 18 point safety check EFI diagnosis, and replacement suspension and power steering components.

If you scavenging for a particular car part a salvage wrecker should be your first choice for quality second hand auto parts and supplies. A wrecking yard dismantler can offer you a great range of over the counter used vehicle parts. You do not need to look elsewhere for cheap parts and expert on spot advice. You're guaranteed to find what you are looking for at most dismantle yards. There are wreckers from Ashmore and as far south as Currumbin.

Car Parts
Wrecked car deemed beyond repair and ready to be stripped for spare auto parts

And another thing about local wrecking yards is these days they are Internet connected, and if they do not stock or have the car part you need "on hand" they can usually get it for you via another wrecker. In most cases, all that is required is just 24 hours notice before you have the car body part you are looking to buy.

Car parts off Japanese cars are in "high demand" and are quickly removed from a damaged vehicle as soon as it arrives at the yard. The vehicle is stripped of sought after parts; they are recorded and then warehoused. The best thing is you can get the part straight away without having to wait for it to be removed from the vehicle. However, some wreckers offer the customer thechoice of dismantling and removing the part from the vehicle. The advantage of course, is you buy the part much cheaper. The reduced cost is because of the junkyard's employee not spending the extra time to remove it. This can reduce the cost of a part substantially, but that is, if you do not mind staying longer at the salvage yard.

Right-hand front motor vehicle wheel assembly
Right-hand front motor vehicle wheel assembly

If you looking for a bargain car part, and have phoned a junk yard you can expect to know if the part is available and in stock. If so, you could be asked to leave a deposit, and to drive yourself to the yard to pick it up. It is always a good idea to check the yard's trading hours because not all salvage yards operate on the same hours.

Cars, utes, and even a motorcycle large bus and truck once it is stripped of saleable parts, their steel hulks are sold to a scrap yard (i.e. scrap metal processor) to be crushed into cube size pieces small enough to fit into a handyman's wheelbarrow. The steel chunks are placed in high stacks, and eventually sold to scrap metal merchants. Finally, they end-up in a steel making plant are processed further and recycled into brand-new usable steel.

For more information, send us an e-mail or use the form on the contact page to send us your concerns and questions. We will endeavour to contact you as promptly as possible. Thank you for visiting our website for Gold Coast wreckers online.

Thank you for visiting our website for Gold Coast wreckers online.

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